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About us

Prime WebManagement, Software Development and Online Marketing

TericTechLtd. will provide you with a sophisticated content, web marketing and user testing service to guarantee the stable growth of key performance values for your business. The main priorities of our company are:

  • Sophisticated web software for your business needs

  • Advanced online marketing schemes for your traffic campaigns

  • Furnishing your sites and/or apps with high-quality creative content

  • Positive target audience experience at your sites and/or mobile applications.

To help you save your precious time and money, TericTechLtd. will make web marketing, content management, software development and user testing a deal done for you. Be sure to get the best site performance, reach higher conversions, and get brilliant user experiences.

Our additional options include web hosting, IT consulting, and CDN services.

We know how to boost web marketing, and we want your business to prosper!

Services we provide

Our tightly-welded team of experienced professionals is always ready to help you with:

  • Creating, performing, and operating user tests

  • Managing tests

  • Commenting on user experience videos

  • Site and app research planning in the long term

  • Strategic web content development & copywriting

  • Traffic campaign management

  • Developing high-end custom software

  • High-class site hosting

  • Professional IT advisory and consulting

  • Fast content distribution network

The web management you need. Get your sites and apps upgraded today!

Top-notch web marketing platform

  • Get all the important figures

    Getresearch results from videos and key highlight data in less than an hour

  • Cover 100% of your target audience

    Real users with real insight research at your disposal

  • Ready for user testing at any platform

    User test sites on any kind of a mobile device, tablet, or PC

  • Mobile apps user testing

    Got an app for iOS or Android to test? We’ll help you!

  • We deal with research for you

    With our team of specialists, we’ll do all the research for your business

Who needs our services?

We serve more than {number} customers in over {number} countries all over the world.

These are:

  • Product Managers

    User insights are worth gold at every step of developing the web or mobile product

  • Game Developers

    Develop app games that will gain maximum popularity among your target users

  • Designers

    It’s easier to create user-friendly design when you know what your users need

  • Marketing Managers

    User feedback is always an integral part of conversion rate growth

  • Case Study Researchers

    Users give valuable stories of their success in the process of testing sites and apps

  • Agencies

    Attract even more clients to your business

  • Advertisers and Publishers

    Gain maximum profit from your traffic conversion campaigns globally

  • Content Designers

    Design your ideas to have maximum impact on the target audience

  • Web Developers

    Use cutting-edge software solutions for excellent performance

  • Software-related businesses

    Focus on profit, relying on our stable hosting and software technology consulting

  • Enterprises with web audiences in multiple locations

    Get maximum reach of your target audiences with high-performance CDN

Feel free to write to us on:

Address: Unit F, 11/F CNT Tower, 338 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Phone: +852-301-84904


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